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The solid interlocking paving stone units have the unique ability to transfer loads and stresses laterally by means of an arching or bridging action between units. Spreading the loads over a larger area reduces the stress allowing heavier loads and traffic over subbases which normally would require concrete that is heavily reinforced with steel.

With both the open and interlocking type the problem of continual repair to streets and sidewalks is simplified. Street For example ,can be opened for utility line repairs and the paving stone replaced to their original appearance without the usual patch.

As shown on the accompanying table, solids concrete paving stone are available in different thicknesses ranging from 60mm to 80mm.

A number of binding patterns can be used with the solid stone. The most popular is the herringbone which provides maximum interlocking effect.

Designs which have continuous joints (especially longitudinal joints in the direction of the traffic flow) are more subject to shoving and rutting.

Interlocking Pavers

Standard produces 80mm interlocking pavers for heavy traffic areas such as container storage areas transport depots, carpark, roads, bus terminal etc. 50 per m2.

Hollands Pavers

Standards produces 60mm Holland pavers for car ports, driverways, pool surrounds, roads and other light vehicle areas. 50 per m2.

Cobblestone Pavers

Standard produces 50mm Cobblestone pavers for light traffic areas such as patios pathways, pool surrounds etc. 25 per m2

A cost effective, easy to install, solution for foot and vehicle access in the soft soil or sandy areas .25 per m2

Walkway Pavers

Standard produces 40mm Walkway pavers for foot traffic areas such as paths, patios, pool surrounds and barbecue areas etc. 12.5 per m2.

Recommendations on Concrete Masonry paving units

Application Thickness of Subbase Thickness of the Concrete Masonry paving units
Well drained dry areas Low wet areas
Light Duty Residential bicycle path, drverways, temporary paving, pool decks, parking 0to 3 inches (0 to 75mm) 4 to 8 inches (100 to 200mm) 2 3/8 inches (60mm)
Heavy Duty Public parking, mobile home, parks, shopping malls, canal lining, bus stops, residential street, side walks, cross walk maintenance areas, service roads storage, parking lots, camping areas, farms equipment, safety zones 4 to 6 inches (100 to 105mm) 10 inches (255mm) 3 1/8 inches (80mm)

Note: The sand base between the subbase and the concrete paving units is always made 2 inches (50mm) thick.

Estimating Data

Series Type Block Number Actual Dimensions Approx.No Per Tonne Number Per M2
100mm Std. Whole 1001 390*190*90 100 12.5
150mm Std . Whole 1501 309*190*140 77 12.5
200mm Std. Whloe 2001 390*190*190 59 12.5

NB. Standard masonry blocks are manufactured in accordance with Australian/ New Zealand standard AS/ NZS 4455;1997 concrete building blocks and are of a

Grade 12 classification and Grade 12+ can be manufactured to special order.

Concrete Masonry Blocks

Concrete masonry is the future of construction. Concrete masonry units are economical loads bearing and can be produced from local materials . These are a few of the many reasons why concrete masonry units are the construction professional choice for new commercial , residential and industrials buildings. Building construction of concrete masonry require minimum maintenance and provide maximum durability which extends the useful life of any building . Safety is another excellent reason for the worldwide growth in the use of concrete masonry units , it does not burn and because of its innate characteristics is a good material for regional susceptible to seismic and cyclone conditions.

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Ready Mixed Concrete

Standard Concrete owns and operates 9 concrete batching plants located in Suva Nasinu, Nadi Natadola, Momi, Lautoka, Ba, Labasa and Taveuni, producing and supplying in excess of 70,0000cu.m of concrete annually. Ready – mixed concrete is specified in various strength Grade equivalent to 28 days characteristics compressive strengths . Normals grade concrete includes 10,15,17.5, 20,25,30,32,35,and 40mpa.

High strengths Concrete above 40 mpa up to 70mpa can also be produced on special request. All concrete above supplied is expected to gain 70% and 100% of its specified compressive strength after 7 days and 28 days respectively , provided proper curing is carried out.

Plaster Mix

Can be used for block laying, wall and floor plastering, patch work, tilling and edges around door and window frames. Kept under cover , the mix should last for least 3 months . Cement is packed in its own plastic bag then placed in the outer bag for better storage .

Quick Mix

Can be used for many concrete works such as footpath and steps , repairing broken concrete slabs or walls, sealing fence posts , septic tank covers, etc . Kept under cover , the mix should last for at least 3 months . Cement is packed in its own plastic bag then placed in the outer bag foe better storage.

Mobile Crushing Plants & Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Due to the scattered nature of the local construction market , within the main islands as well as inter islands , Standard Concrete batching services for the convenience of its clients . Many major construction projects around the country are located in isolated areas where the establishment of the mobile plants on the site become the more economical options.

Many local roads construction and civil projects completed in the past have involved the subcontracting of the entire concrete and aggregate supply directly to standard Concrete.

Drilling & Blasting Unit

Standard Concrete own operates a drilling & blasting unit for the winning of rock at its various quarry sites . The unit is headed by a fully qualified drill & blast supervisor under whom the entire operations is run in accordance to the Mining & Quarrying regulations administered by the Minerals Resources Department. Our drilling equipment consists of a 50m per hour Gardner Denver hydraulic drill and a 12m per hour ingersol-Rand air – track drill. Explosives for rocks blasting are imported direct from suppliers overseas.

The service of this unit are available for hire in the form of drilling only , drill & blast , blasting only and /or the supply of explosives . Numerous jobs completed in the past include contract drill & blast for other quarry operations, clearing of rock rocks from construction sites and handling and supply of explosives.