Description of Products and Services

Standard Concrete is the largest manufacturer of Ready-Mix Concrete, Quarry Products and Concrete Masonry Blocks in Fiji and sells its products to both the local and South Pacific Islands market. Our exports to the South Pacific Islands comprise of concrete masonry blocks, Pavers, Precast, Quick Mix and quarry products i.e. crushed aggregates, road-base material, hard-rock boulders, Sand and Cements. Recently Standard concrete has launched a new product namely Aglime which is available in local market now and will be marketed into South Pacific soon.

With growing demand locally and in Pacific islands , Standard Concrete has invested into number of Mobile Crushing plants and have first time started operating in North to cater high demands of road works being undertaken by FRA. A major advantage of mobile crushers is their flexibility in terms of moving from one location to the next. When operating in quarries, they usually follow the quarry face, processing the stone directly on site. Their tremendous flexibility enables the mobile crushers to process even small quantities of material with economic efficiency. The investments in mobile crushers are paying off now and it has enabled us in fulfilling local and exports demands without any problem.

Export Strategy

Our Company’s Vision is to be “The Preferred Supplier of Quarry & Cement Based Products in the South Pacific and beyond”We strongly believe in our vision for two underlying reasons:

1. Fiji is well endowed with the natural resources required for the production of any cement or quarry based products

2. Fiji is located in the centre of the South Pacific Region

Many of our smaller Pacific Island neighbours do not have suitable required resource available locally for their infrastructure development, i.e. construction of roads, bridges, airstrips, wharfs, buildings etc. Cement and Quarry based products required for such infrastructure are either imported from Australia, New Zealand and at times from Asia and the US or produced locally in smaller quantities from substandard raw materials. Standard Concrete now offers them these same products at international quality standards which resulted in capturing markets which once was sourced from Australia & New Zealand.

Currently Standard Concrete has been contracted to supply 15,000 tons of Aggregates & Cement based products worth $4.5m to Betio port Project being
constructed by the Japanese.

Apart from major projects, we also on regular basis export Concrete blocks & Pavers to most of the Pacific Island. Standard Concrete has its own brand name and most Pacific Island contractors are well aware of our products and its quality. While we sell most of our products directly, we also have distributors around Pacific who sell Standard Concrete brands in most of the markets.

Recently the company has invested into Decorative Paving & Landscaping equipments which will benefit the local economy as most of these bricks were imported from overseas. Standard Concrete now manufactures variety of these pavers in Fiji on a very competitive prices .

Looking at total exports last financial, we did an average of 100 containers per month and it has been a milestone achievement for our organization and for Fiji as a whole. We had a strategy in place which is now working for us and our vision is to capture most of the project works in South Pacific market. As illustrated in our export projections in section 6 below, the volume of potential work coming up over the next two to three years make our vision very real and achievable.

Marketing Mediums

We make marketing trips to Pacific Island countries on a regular basis and visit our regular customers as well as look for new opportunities. A large number of our regular customers are contractors who continually find new projects in the region so we keep continuous personal contact with key management personnel.
During the marketing visits we handout product brochures and catalogues that provide information on our range products and services.
Standard Concrete also makes use of opportunities in marketing its products through Trade Missions facilitated through Investment Fiji and the other government department.

Export Markets

(i) Current Markets (ii) Target Markets
American Samoa Niue
Western Samoa Guam
Tonga Tahiti
Tuvalu New Caledonia
Kiribati Kosrae
Vanuatu Christchurch
Wallis Futuna Queensland
Marshall Islands Solomon Is
PNG Nauru
Cook Islands

Future Business Expansion

As illustrated in Section 7 above we have recently made substantial expansions to our local production capacity that will enable us to maintain a consistent and reliable supply of products to both our local and export markets. This is a very critical aspect of the export business where the expensive and tedious exercise of building a new export market can very easily be lost through unreliable supply.

With our upgraded facilities we are also looking at producing a wider range of products particularly in concrete masonry blocks where export market preferences (Build to specification and design) are quite different to that of our local market. We are always looking at ways in improving the logistics of shipping our products to our export markets as this is a major cost factor. Barge transports are being looked at as an option to ship in containers.

The Unique Quality of our Product

Our products are unique in the sense that we export the most basic needed commodities i.e. Blocks , Sand, Gravel and Rocks. By finding innovative ways of adding value to and shipping to the abundantly available local resource to our island neighbors at competitive prices, we have created an export demand for something that would otherwise remain unutilized in its natural state.

The export of these basic commodities is not only valuable to our economy but also very beneficial to the economic growth of our neighboring Pacific Island Countries as it contributes to their infrastructure development.

Additional Information/Comments

Standard Concrete Industries has long held the objective of becoming the leading company in our industry in Fiji and the South Pacific. Our Company Vision keeps us focused on the task at hand whereby we continue to target all major projects in the region and continuously look at ways of improving our products and services to both the local and export markets.